iKnow Politics is one and getting stronger

Greetings from the International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics)! Launched on February 27, 2007 at the United Nations’ 51st Commission on the Status of Women meeting, iKNOW Politics is now celebrating its first anniversary and is happy to share with you the achievements of the network. Over the first twelve months of its existence, the iKNOW Politics membership base has been steadily increasing and now includes almost 2,000 members from over 150 countries spanning every continent. Additionally, the iKNOW Politics website has received more than 9,000,000 hits and hosted over 850,000 users worldwide with an average of 2,256 visitors per day.

Since the first day of its launch, iKNOW Politics has provided free and easy access to resources specifically designed to help women run political campaigns, participate in political parties, fundraise, work with media and voters, advocate and lobby for women’s issues, and more. Currently, the iKNOW Politics library contains more than 1,000 resources in English, French and Spanish from over 100 like-minded organizations around the globe.

iKNOW Politics is proud that its members worldwide have actively used the iKNOW Politics discussion circles and forums to share their opinions on the latest events and policies related to women’s political participation, including campaign fundraising, legislative caucuses, professional development, and encouraging young women leaders.

iKNOW Politics has responded to numerous user inquiries through the “Ask the Experts” feature. This unique tool allows iKNOW Politics members to ask questions of over 100 internationally recognized experts about issues concerning women in politics. Responses, which include in-depth research and opinions from international experts, have thus far been sent to Bhutan, Ecuador, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Sweden, and many other countries.

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