Why vote for Hillary Clinton?

Why vote for Hillary Clinton

Me? I support Hillary Rodham because she’s the best qualified of all candidates running in both parties. I support her because she’s refreshingly thoughtful, and I’m bloodied from eight years of a jolly “uniter” with ejaculatory politics. I needn’t agree with her on every point. I agree with the 97 percent of her positions that are identical with Obama’s—and the few where hers are both more practical and to the left of his (like health care). I support her because she’s already smashed the first-lady stereotype and made history as a fine senator, because I believe she will continue to make history not only as the first U.S. woman president, but as a great U.S. president.

As for the “woman thing”?

Me, I’m voting for Hillary not because she’s a woman—but because I am.


3 thoughts on “Why vote for Hillary Clinton?

  1. I hope in God that Mrs. Clinton wins in her campaign. Her strategy can be change to: WE CAN DO IT BETTER. Why? Because of her experience, age, willingness to do things better for all the americans and neighbors that includes all the World. I hope that Mrs. Clinton wins if she changes her slogan
    to: I CAN DO IT BETTER for all of you.
    Good luck Mrs. Clinton for you, your family and your country. God help you to win. (I·am a woman too).

  2. Besides what I said about Mrs. Clinton, now that she’s going to Texas she has
    to respond to all the questions to Obama. You can do it Future President of USA. The slogan to Obama: “del dicho al hecho hay mucho trecho”, y “las palabras, se las lleva el viento”. Lo que quedan son los hechos. Go Mrs. Clinton to become the first woman in been a President of USA. Go, Go, por la Presidencia de los Estados Unidos de Norte América. Good luck. God bless you.

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