It’s not anger its frustration

The kind of frustration how we feel about death, the kind of frustration when we hear someone we love has a terminal disease. The kind of frustration when its nothing we can do about tyranny , about lack of democracy, about lack of justice, and a lot of corruption, instability and confrontation.

The most important process the Constituent Assembly was sold to the Ecuadorian people like the “last hope to create the new foundations for the country and to give it a state that truly represents those who have been excluded for five centuries.” But so far has become the main weapon against the elites, privileged classes, traditional right wing political parties, the Congress and everyone is not with the government.

I feel angry when some idiot pretending to be “the smart guy” sneak himself or his friend in the queue in the bank or when I get the wrong change from a shop. Tomorrow Ecuador is voting for the assemblies and its all or nothing that is why I feel frustrated


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